In the beginning …

In the beginning, God created man, animals, movies, beef jerky, video games, the One Ring, and women…IN THAT ORDER.

That ridiculousness aside, allow me to inform you as to the purpose of this here blog.  At the moment, I find myself in a state of being 28-years-old and displeased with the general state of life.  My goal in life is to review video games for a magazine and I’ve been trying to go to school for that, reaching the usual problem of price.  I cannot afford school therefore I do not go to school, therefore I have no degree, and therefore I get to whine a lot.

So, one friend of mine decided she’d get a blog on this here site and shortly after another friend suggested that, if I want to review things for a living, I may as well start now, get myself up to snuff as it were.  And that is the purpose of this blog site … thingie.

Now, as I’ve minor experience blogging in the past, I’ve learned what I’d like to do, and what I’d hate to do.  What I’d hate to do most here is to continue my MySpace blogging style of “Woe is me”.  Instead, I’d like to focus more on reviews.  I find myself watching a great deal of movies (especially since I recently found the glory of the Red Box) and playing a great deal of video games, often at the same time.  That being the case, I shall start putting my thoughts on movies and video games here for the world to see.  But, more importantly, I will put them here whether the world sees them or not.  Other people be damned!  Also, if anything I find amusing comes to mind, I may put that here as well, under the ruse that it is a review of something.  Take that, restriction-I-arbitrarily-put-on-myself!

With that being said, on to the reviews, and to Hell with your reviews of them!

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