I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

I Love You Jim Carrey

Okay, I went into this review with the worst idea of what it would be ever.  I totally thought this movie was supposed to be about Philip Morris, the tobacco guy.  Then I heard Jim Carrey played one of them gays in it.  Then I thought “The tobacco guy was a gay?”  Then I watched the movie, and I’m an idiot.  This movie is not about that Philip Morris at all.  It’s about Steven Jay Russell, a famous con artist that escaped from jail many times and is currently in jail until 2140.  I Love You Phillip Morris stars Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, and Leslie Mann.

The movie starts with Steven Jay Russell (Jim Carrey) on his deathbed, remembering the events of his life.  At first he’s an organist at a church where he meets the woman that will become his wife, Debbie (Leslie Mann).  He becomes a police officer, mainly to find his biological mother.  He does, goes to meet her, and is rejected by her without explanation.  Soon after, he gets in a vehicle collision and decides he needs to start being who he really is – a gay.  He leaves his life and moves to Florida and gets a boyfriend.  But he soon finds that being gay is expensive, so he starts committing lots and lots of fraud to pay for expensive things he now likes.  Then he gets arrested.  In jail, he gets learned on the law from the library and meets Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor), a man who has nothing to do with tobacco or the Force, but does love wang.  They soon get out of jail and Steven fraudulently acquires a position as chief financial officer of a large company.  It’s not long before he starts stealing from them too, and then gets into more trouble.

I don’t think I’ve had it on the forefront of my facade for a while now, but some people that know me know that I love Jim Carrey.  I own and loved the greater majority of movies that he’s appeared in.  That being the case, I feel fully confident that it had nothing to do with the fact that I liked this movie.  I was worried going into it that this was going to be another one of his dramatic movies, which I generally still like but I don’t like dramas.  This was not the case.  This is actually mostly a comedy.  There’s a good amount of funny in here.  One thing I can think of is that he doesn’t say he’s gay until a few minutes into the movie, having already shown himself with his wife and daughter.  How do they tell us?  Out of nowhere throw in him butt fucking Freddie Mercury.  Okay, so it probably wasn’t him, but it looked like him.  It’s also pretty funny that he decides to become a conman because of how expensive it is to be gay.  I had no idea how expensive it was.

The performances are really good in here as well.  There’s really only two people in this movie that are heavily featured and that’s Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor.  Leslie Mann is pretty funny as the super religious ex-wife, but she’s not in it that often.  Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor had me totally convinced that they were gays in this, even though I’m pretty sure both are actually straight.  The both also had some hilarious moments, touching love scenes, and very emotional scenes.  Also of note, when Carrey has to be someone’s lawyer in the middle of the movie, it totally took me back to the Liar Liar days.  I must watch that again.

Now, I don’t consider myself homophobic, or even homoist as I say it.  I can prove that I’m not a homoist because I have a couple of gay friends.  But I do still have some deep seeded homophobia that makes me uncomfortable watching dudes kiss.  I don’t know what it is and I don’t really have desire to fix it because it’s not a big deal, but when it happens in a movie it tends to startle me more than a horror movie.  If you’re like me, don’t worry.  There aren’t that many scenes of men kissing and the sex scenes usually happen off camera and you only see one dude standing behind another dude and thrusting.

I gotta say, this is probably one of Jim Carrey’s best performances ever, and I liked his other performances.  I could probably say the same for Ewan McGregor, but I can only presently remember him appearing in one other movie and that was Star Wars.  The movie’s also very funny and definitely worth watching.  I give this movie “Enough romance.  Let’s fuck!” out of 788.

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  1. If you like Ewan and Time Burton, watch Big Fish. I cried so bad, but mostly bc that movie came out right after my dad was diagnosed. But it really was a good movie, and so nice to see Burton do something beautiful without over doing it, and not get lost in his effects to tell a great story.

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