American Juggalo (2011)

There is No Bigatory in Juggaloism

Where to even begin?  Well, Fabio had another suggestion for me.  This one probably did not come from the quality film making or the interesting characters, but more as a character study of some people that my own personal biases have lead me to try to avoid for the most part.  Unfortunately for me, I grew up around people like this.  But, this was a short little documentary, so I gave it a watch and will probably write an equally small review on the subject.  This movie is American Juggalo, directed by Sean Dunne, and starring the fans of the Insane Clown Posse, aka the Juggalos.

A bunch of people like a rap group, and get together to be vaguely deplorable.  Woop woop.

I don’t really know how well one can review a documentary.  Dunne just films a bunch of people expressing their appreciation for the way of life that is the ICP.  I don’t know what the director’s perspective is on the ICP or the Juggalos, nor do I really know if he intended anything but to show them.  What he did show did not paint fans of the ICP in the greatest of ways.  I’m not saying it’s not accurate though, from my experience.  I’ve met some Juggalo’s in my time, and not too many of them tended to strike me as being very well educated.  The Juggalo’s portrayed in this movie are big fans of the group, and consider themselves to be part of a family and a distinct way of life, but they also strike me as mostly white trash, fat, and of very limited vocabularies and interests.  If it’s not ICP, drugs, and tits, they’re not particularly interested.  They say often that people hate on them because they’re different, but they all looked pretty similar to me.  And mostly ugly.  They are not a group that makes good decisions, either.  You can see a classic case of a pregnant woman smoking, talking about this being the exact group she wants to help her raise her child (assuming, of course, that it survives having her as a mother long enough to have bad taste in music).  What worried me most of all was that she said she was from Muncie, Indiana, birthplace of the mother of the famous reviewer whose words you are currently reading.  I really hope that this isn’t contagious.  There are fans that say they have quit jobs in order to attend this collection of Juggalos, but I find it hard to believe that their bosses will miss them very much.  They use spray paint to imitate the band that they like, even though they seem to know better and realize almost instantly that spray paint burns and should not be applied to one’s face.  One even claims that he’s met a brain surgeon, high on acid, at the festival.  I tend to have only two questions when I interview a surgeon for a major operation: 1) Do you like the ICP? and 2) Are you, or have you been recently, high on acid?  Both are deal-breakers, but I’m not sure which one is more of a deal-breaker.  Perhaps I’m just not listening to the right music, but I’ve never found any music I’ve listened to that much of an influence on my “way of life”.  I like the music I listen to, but it has not really shaped me as a person.  On the other hand, most of the people in the movie didn’t really talk much about the music of the ICP, just all of the dumb things they did that made them Juggalos.  “Titties, weed and fast food” was the greater majority of conversation.  If you’re so inclined, this movie does have a great deal of titties, but they’re not titties that I found myself particularly interested in looking at.  One girl was more than happy to comply with the message her boyfriend scrawled on her stomach, offering “titties for a dollar”.  I saw them.  They were overpriced.

The movie itself was done well enough, but I cannot in good faith recommend you watch this movie.  It might scare you to find out such people exist in the world.  And, more than that, they get together annually and, were they so inclined, may be able to overthrow the rest of our society with their sheer combined girth and inability to feel pain from the self-inflicted brain damage.  Alternatively, they probably cannot run very long without getting winded (or having to stop to high five someone and yell “Woop Woop”), so we could probably escape and regroup for a counter offensive.  Should you so desire, you can watch the movie at  I cannot give this movie a Woop Woop.  Instead, I’ll give it “I’m gonna start goin’ to college to become a doctor and shit” out of “Woop Woop.”

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